Baby Magical Mirror

Baby Magical Mirror is the only existing app for kids

that allows to play fun games and see

themselves in the same time.

Baby Play 10 in 1 App

Baby Play is an app specially designed for parents.

It has mainly 10 features:

10 in 1 (10 apps in only one single app).

Bottle Pen

Bottle Pen App is a very entertaining

arcade game designed and created for

absolutely anyone who just

wants to have fun.



Jump on square with your favorite ball!
The Holidays are a good reason for a challenge to test your ultimate speed and fast reflexes!
Choose your favorite ball, but keep in mind that all 5 balls have a different bounce force.
You have to tap on the screen for left, right or up arrow to bounce on the square platforms.
Every square platform has it’s own velocity.
Hold down to jump higher and find the trick of speed and distance!
Jumping higher will get the ball closer to the moving squares and could catch the ball into a trap.

– Arcade game with nice graphics, great colors and sounds.
– Time-consuming game
– Free download
– Available on any android device


Help Santa collect the gifts for The Christmas bag!
How to play the board game Santa Tracker Gift:
Tap to collect the gift and change the direction of the spinning rod.
Have fun while listening beautiful Christmas Songs.
Download now the free app Santa Tracker Gift and have the best Holidays!

– Free download
– Nice graphics
– Great sounds
– Available for any android device



The great idea of “Bottle Pen” was inspired by the “Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen PPAP” song and from the “Bottle Flip” game.
Bottle Pen App is a very entertaining arcade game designed and created for absolutely anyone who just wants to have fun.
Whenever you need to take a break, relax or clear your mind, try to stick a pen into a bottle!
Be the real master of the pen and challenge your friends today!
Tap to drop the pen and slip it inside of bottles with different shapes and colors. Some of them are spinning or moving horizontally or vertically.
The app uses nice graphics, exciting sounds and it is available on any android device.
The trick is: play as much as you can to go on higher levels, because once you exit the game and start it again, you will begin from the first level.
Bottle Pen is a time-consuming game, which helps you recreate or focus on something.
Download now Bottle Pen for free and enjoy!

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Pen Pineapple Apple Pen PPAP is a free arcade game for anyone who just wants to have fun.
Sometimes all you need is to stick a pen into a fruit.
Tap to throw the pen and try to hit a pineapple or an apple.
Be the true master of the pen and experience joy!
Download now this free entertaining game and enjoy!

– Free Download
– Time-consuming game
– Endless fun
– Nice graphics
– Exciting sounds
– Available on any Android device



Halloween Frame Live Wallpaper helps you celebrate and feel properly the spirit of Halloween, on your device.
Celebrate the eve of All Saints Day and thrill your friends! Customize your phone with the best images of Halloween!
Halloween Frame Live Wallpaper App will transform automatically your actual background into a live wallpaper.
You can keep your old wallpaper or whatever wallpaper you want and set one of the four Halloween Live Wallpaper Frames on it. And that’s how your old wallpaper will be live, after Halloween Frame Live Wallpaper App is installed.

Creepy and spooky pictures of animated pumpkins, ghosts, bats, witches, vampires, blood, spiders, skulls, headstones are floating on the screen.
Optimized battery usage! Halloween Frame Live Wallpaper App will sleep when your phone is inactive, so Halloween Frame Live Wallpaper will not drain your battery.
Free Download Halloween Frame Live Wallpaper App, open it, choose one of the four live frames, have a small preview, view full screen, set the wallpaper and enjoy!


Wild Animals Sounds is an educational app for babies, toddlers and preschool kids.
The app is created to teach your kids about wild animals from savanna in a fun way! How do wild animals look like? How do they roar?
Your child will enjoy playing and learning the sounds of 11 wild animals: lion, tiger, elephant, monkey, crocodile, snake, giraffe, hippo, rhino, zebra, turtle.
Wild Animals are funny cartoon pictures of the animals with a child-friendly design in contrasting colors.
Start the app, click an animal and have fun with all the realistic sounds.
The app provides savanna ambiance music which helps calm and relax.

• Easy to use
• Interactive
• High graphic
• Realistic sounds
• Available for any Android device



We know that babies love to look in the mirror. That’s why we’ve created this amazing app.

Baby Magical Mirror is the only existing app for kids that allows to play fun games and see themselves in the same time. Using the front camera of your device, the app has a wonderful frame with eight illuminated buttons. Each button reveals the magic world of the childhood: dancing donuts, magical hat, falling stars, colored balloons, aquarium fishes, flying umbrellas and many more… Tapping them will create … Magic!

The app is meant to entertain children, bringing them a lot of joy. Your baby will be surprised and delighted by all the toys and games of this great fun app, with attractive sounds and high resolution design.
Everything in the one and only Baby Magical Mirror!

How to play:

Once you will tap any button of the mirror’s frame, the game will start. You can play and meanwhile watch yourself live in the background. Tapping back the button will stop the game and the frame buttons will be active again, for another magical game.
Without those annoying ads, the app has a locked screen for baby use. You have to press twice the back button of the device for exit.
Whenever you want, you also can make screenshots of your device and save beautiful pictures of your child, surrounded by stars, balloons, fishes, happy monkey etc.

• Easy to use
• Interactive
• High graphic
• Great sounds


Baby Play is an app specially designed for parents. It has mainly 10 features: 10 in 1 (10 apps in only one single app).
1. Baby Lullabies are 10 soothing songs that help your baby relax, fall asleep faster and sleep better, like a little angel.
2. Nursery Songs are 10 most well-known kids melodies, a little bit more rhymed, which will bring joy to your child.
3. Farm animals: dog, cat, horse, cow, rooster, duck, chicken, sheep with their specific sounds are the easiest way for babies to learn how to recognize the animals.
4. Babies love to look in the mirror and see themselves , that’s why we’ve created the baby camera view, with an attractive frame which contains dancing leaves, ladybugs, caterpillars, crickets, snails. Meanwhile the baby is having fun listening one of the most popular kids song. You can make screenshots and save beautiful pictures of your baby.
5. Let’s play with the stars! Another option is to play with moving stars and bees, enjoying a beautiful melody in the background.
6. This is the best way to keep the baby busy, because this app has lots of rattle toys to play with. Touching them each, it will shake and rattle until you stop it by touching it back.
7. Calming sounds are really helpful for stopping babies crying. 21 soothing sounds of different objects and actions that babies love to listen, will create amazing ambiences by mixing them even all in the same time: rain, shower, shush, alarm clock, bells, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner etc.
8. Another great way to calm your baby is with one of 6 types of vibrations: heartbeat, slow, fast, rhythmic, repeat, continuous.
9. Help your baby to discover 10 musical instruments with their beautiful sounds: guitar, trumpet, harp, maraca, tambourine, saxophone, violin, drum, contrabass or trombone.
10. Why Baby Play app is useful? It is a great opportunity for your baby to learn, by watching and listening to the noises of vehicles like: ambulance, police car, motorcycle, helicopter, truck, car towed, taxi, fire truck, boat or ice cream car.
With high graphic, great colours and wonderful cartoon pictures, this app is very easy to use. Without those annoying ads, it has even a locked screen for baby use. The screen is locked automatically when entering the menu: you have to press twice for exit. You or your baby can navigate easily through the menu, choosing one of the ten possible ways to play, only by touching the next / previous button. Going back to the main menu requires 5 times pressing on the back button to main. This will stop the baby to go back to the menu by mistake.

• Easy to use
• Interactive
• High graphic
• Great sounds



Police Donut


The prize at the end of each level can vary between one and three donuts, depending on the number of the moves that were made. On his way Police Donut will find various obstacles such as Glaze Walls, Warp Openings that will teleport him and many more…

How to play :

Swipe the direction where you want to go.
Pick up the Donuts before heading to the Donut Shop.
Use the Glaze Walls to reach the next Donut.
Try to finish each level in as few moves you can.

This app is for at any age, encouraging logical thinking and problem solving.


Kids Farm 2


Kids between 1 and 5 years old can enjoy the app, listening a beautiful song and also learning which are the sounds for each animal, only by touching the screen.
An interactive app that allows children even to name the farm by their preference.
The app doesn’t need Wi-Fi, it’s working offline and it’s also free to download!



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